Laura's Promise

I promise to show love to others, to be a friend and ally to all, and to always be that change. 

I will not be a bystander and let others feel worthless, I also promise to always remind myself of my own worth. 

I am important, loved and appreciated even when it doesn't feel that way. 

We never know what happiness can be found in the future so I will let my light lead the way, and I will light the path for others. 

I am the light in the darkness, I can be the change. I promise

People who have taken the pledge...

Rhiannon, Mezi Atwood, Ella Callow-Sussex, Meika Woollard, Pippa Asome, Bella R, Orion G, Georgina, Andrew Hogan, Tenaya, Jan Sam, Ruby, Crystal Brooking, Lisa Butler, Douglas Nelson Kenney, Nicole, Amber, Sarah Asome, Zoe, Brock Mauldon, Isabelle, Sienna Lillie, Mila Brancovik,

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