Future Projects

Short Film

Brave is about a young girl with leukaemia who is too scared to go through treatment, so she runs away with her friends but doesn't tell them why. When they find out what is going on they show Maybelle what being brave really is. Even though something is scary doing it anyway is the bravest thing you can do. You will get through it, especially with your friends holding your hand.

Understanding Me
Short Film

Understanding Me is about Maise a young girl with autism who struggle to make friends and manage her emotions at home. One day she comes across two fairies in the forrest behind her school. They help her to understand herself and accept who she is. She finds when she does that she makes a good friend and is able to discuss her feelings with her mum and be who she really is in peace.

Nobody's Home
Feature Film

15 year old Frankie has been stuck in the foster system her entire life. No one understands her especially her social worker Carol and each home just ends up being a disaster. Until she meets the Stephens who take her in and treat her with respect. However Frankie’s past still haunts her and she keeps making the same mistakes that ultimately get her into trouble. She learns a lot of things along her way and meets some wonderful people and is working towards finding a place to call home.

The Waiting Room
Feature Film

The Waiting Room is set in a hospital waiting room but it is actually the place where your soul goes between life and death. Maya, Seth and Austin are all professional dancers. Bella and Shae are dancers for passion and run an all abilities dance crew and then there’s Rachel who practically runs the waiting room since she has been there for three months after dying during childbirth. Rachel learns that there is something that she must personally do before she can exit the waiting room and move on to the next stage, whatever that may be. She mentors anyone who passes through until ultimately she’s learnt her lesson as well. Needing to make a decision, learning something from yourself or accepting the things you cannot change are things that everyone needs to learn in the waiting room.


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